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The Makers Club #2: Starting Up!


Written by Reimena Yee  |  Illustrated by Tintin Pantoja

Childhood friends Aqilah and Yong Qiang have lost touch over the years. When they are unexpectedly reunited in Pangolin Secondary School, they discover that things are very different and life seems a lot more uncertain than it once was. Will they have the courage to start up a brand new school club and convince everyone, including themselves, they're ready for independence? Find out how the founding members of The Makers Club forged a friendship that would change their lives forever.

Praise for The Makers Club: Starting Up!
The Makers Club has captured the anxieties of teen-hood, the discovery of self and the joy of making with a purpose. I am looking forward to buying multiple copies to share with the young people I love!
-Dr. Loh Chin Ee, Teacher Educator and Reading Researcher at National Institute of Education

This is the second book in The Makers Club series. Buy The Makers Club #1: Game On! here.