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Book Fairs

We loved book fairs as kids and each time we bring a book fair to a school, we aim to help your students feel the same way! With each book fair, we work closely with educators to offer a wide selection of books that are thoughtfully customised to suit your preferred themes as well as your students’ varied interests and reading levels. 

If you’re looking for a way to help your students connect with stories specific to Singapore, broaden their exposure to real-world issues or nurture empathy, you can find stories that do all that in the specially curated selection at our book fairs. 

Why host a book fair with Closetful of Books?

Cultivate discerning readers

Reading widely helps your students develop broad worldviews. 

At our book fairs, you will find a range of books above and beyond mass market titles. We delight in surprising readers with stories that they have not yet discovered.

Encourage emerging readers

Teachers are fantastic role models for students and are the go-to for advice for what to read. 

We aim to share your load and be the same friendly face that students can turn to for recommendations on stories that can flex their reading muscles.

Support reading habits

Parents play a big role in building reading habits. 

We love including parents in the excitement of an impending book fair and will send along detailed brochures ahead of the fair so that parents and children can pick their preferred books together. 

How a book fair works


We will start with meeting the book fair coordinator or teachers to help us understand the school's needs and your students' tastes. We will then curate a selection of titles tailored to your needs and requests.


A week before the book fair, we will provide coloured brochures with recommended titles for students to share with their parents. The brochures will be bundled by classes for your convenience.


The book fair can be set up in the school's canteen or library. On the day of the book fair, we will be geared up to help your students with any questions and to make recommendations that will expand the range of books that they read. 

What teachers say

"All of the school community look forward to the book fairs held by Closetful of Books. The carefully curated selection surpasses any other book fair on offer. Denise, from Closetful of Books, reads every title and will always take the time to talk through appropriate recommendations with students, staff and parents."

  • Sarah Mounsey, Director of Libraries,
    Dulwich College (Singapore)

Excited about hosting a book fair?

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