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Talks & Library Services

School Talks

Some topics Denise is braced to talk about at length:

  • For teachers: Why Stories Matter, The Value of Reading for Pleasure, Waking Dormant Readers

  • For parents: What's Trending Now, We Are All Made for Story

  • For students: Judge a Book by Its Cover, The 10-Second Book Talk, A Day in the Life of a Bookseller

Co-founder Denise Tan will talk your ear off when it comes to books and the readerly world she loves. She always looks forward to visiting schools to share practical tips that can help your students find stories they can fall in love with.

These talks can be targeted to parents, teachers or students and each talk will be customised to your learning community's needs. In planning these sessions, we will take into account your schedule and the preferred group-size as well as your students’ level of engagement in reading.

Library Services

Let us help you make the library a positive and democratic space that students will want to visit for more than just the air-conditioning!

What we can do:

  • Curate titles and specialised book displays for school and classroom libraries.

  • Supply and process titles for your library - processing includes the wrapping of books with adhesive plastic, affixing of the call numbers, barcodes and date due slips.

  • Organise engaging programmes that encourage students and educators to make the most of this treasured resource.

Get started by having a chat about your current library collection and the reading health at your school!

Call us at 6908 5510 or send an email to