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FAS Book Bags

We believe that every child can be a reader and we will work with educators to ensure that all students have the opportunity to experience the exhilaration of a book fair. 

This can be done by organising a FAS Book Bag package so that students in the FAS will get exclusive access to the book fair and have the opportunity to choose titles based on their own reading appetites and interests.

Why organise a Book Bag selection with Closetful of Books?

Nurture self-directed learners

Each selection begins with an exclusive tour that is tailored for a small group of students and takes no more than 15 minutes. 

During the tour, we will give a book talk, scaffold the process and encourage the students to think of their reading interests and goals. This helps the students feel ready to seek new and unique stories that will work for them. 

Build reading habits

We know that reading can seem like a daunting task to some students. We aim to help them be less wary of books during and after our book fair. 

This is done by providing a wide range of well-written, contemporary and accessible books that will excite students of all reading levels and tastes. 

Encourage responsible decision making

As your students get the opportunity to choose their own books, they get to exercise their agency when considering their options and budget. 

We have been so heartened to see how the provision of a FAS Book Bag builds literacy as well as confidence.

How a Book Bag selection works


We will start with a meeting to understand your students' needs, challenges and interests as well as the budget that the school has allocated.


We will curate a selection of titles, tailored to your students' reading appetite. Students will be able to find stories across a number of genres and topics as well as books of different accessibility levels. 


We will invite students in the FAS to the book fair where they would get exclusive access. This process can also be done with a display set up specifically for a FAS Book Bag selection. 

Why this works: Choosing from our wide selection of books can be overwhelming. The exclusive access provides a calmer experience where students can browse in a smaller group and at a comfortable pace.


We will start by walking with your students through the display, highlighting different genres and showing them how to tell which books might suit their reading level. Then, we share 3 simple steps that we have tested and refined over our years of running book fairs to guide the students in selecting their books. 

Why this works: The tour and book talk empowers the students to choose books on their own during and after the fair. Being able to select their own books also results in them savouring the stories even more.


We encourage students to browse independently but are happy and ready to make recommendations during the selection. Once the students have chosen their books, we will ring up their selections at a cashier station and e-invoice the school directly after.

Schools we have worked with

  • Kuo Chuan Presbyterian Primary School

  • Lakeside Primary School

  • CHIJ Toa Payoh (Primary)

  • Haig Girls School

Let us help your students and you make the most of their book budget.

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