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Sharing with Wolf

Written by Melinda Szymanik  |  Illustrated by Nikki Slade Robinson

Wolf hangs a sign ‘Room for rent. Apply Within.’, on her front door. Lamb applies with a list of references. He’s desperate for a place to live and tries to convince Wolf why he’d make a great housemate. But he’s a little too trusting.

Wolf says straight up she can’t share with a sheep … she has a tendency to eat them. “It’s in my nature.” But Lamb does not give up. He hires a sheepnotist to hypnotise Wolf out of the habit of eating sheep. But the sheepnotist uses the wrong choice of words. Yes, Wolf loves sheep… roasted, grilled or casseroled. Lamb thinks if Wolf got to know him, whether she might change her mind. Lamb shares his favourite things. Wolf does too but it hasn’t changed her mind. She still loves sheep (meat). Lamb keeps making suggestions until Wolf gives up and lets Lamb enter her house.

Later, Wolf hangs a sign ‘Room for rent. Apply Within.' The observant reader will notice two sheepskin rugs on Wolf’s floor.