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Change Makers: Little Big Heroes: A Handbook on the Tiny Creatures That Keep Our World Going

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Written by Hoe Yeen Nie  |  Illustrated by David Liew

A fascinating exploration into a little-known universe, one that exists right under our noses — if we knew where to look! This is a book about the weird and wonderful insects, worms, parasites, microbes, birds, and bees without whom life as we know it would not possible.

What if we got rid of all parasites?
Why should we be worried about the Insect Apocalypse?
How are spiders inspiring our latest technology?
Which photograph spurred a global green movement?
Documentary filmmaker Hoe Yeen Nie and historian/artist David Liew lead inquisitive young minds on a fun, fact-filled journey to meet Nature’s engineers, gardeners and recyclers. By learning about their role in the ecosystem, we begin to understand that life on our shared planet depends on the survival and health of these little big heroes. Are you ready to see our Earth with fresh eyes?

The Change Makers series of books will build in children a
strong sense of inquiry — to arm them with knowledge in S.T.E.A.M (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) to tackle this brave new world of unknowns.