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A Super Weird! Mystery: Attack of the Haunted Lunchbox

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Written and Illustrated by Jim Smith
Super Weird Mysteries is a hilarious new series, perfect for readers aged 7 and up, and fans of Dog Man, Pamela Butchart and Diary of a Wimpy Kid.

Melvin, Rhubarb and Yoshi are on the hunt for a new mystery to write about in the Daily Donut newspaper, but little do they know, it’s right under their nose.

There’s something spooky in the sandwiches! Soon Rhubarb and co are sure there's a ghost in her dad's cool old retro lunchbox, but when no one believes them – and the whole town is in danger – it’s up to the detective duo to investigate the haunted lunchboxes all on their own.

Things are about to get SUPER WEIRD again!