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UNION: 15 Years of Drunken Boat, 50 Years of Writing From Singapore

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edited by Alvin Pang and Ravi Shankar

UNION traces the intertwining trajectories of two dynamic communities: the cosmopolitan Southeast Asian city-state of Singapore, commemorating 50 years of national independence and writing, to celebrated literary journal Drunken Boat, marking 15 years as one of the most innovative and inclusive literary platforms in the US and the world. This groundbreaking anthology brings together for the very first time a spectrum of diverse voices at play with language and its inventive possibilities — from prominent Singaporean authors such as Alfian bin Sa’at, Suchen Christine Lim and Edwin Thumboo to American Pulitzer Prize winners Norman Mailer, Franz Wright, Kay Ryan, and Vijay Seshadri.

In math, union is a shared set and in textiles union is a yarn made of two fabrics. In proof and stitch, this anthology invites connection and conversation on matters of timeless interest and global concern.