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Tiny Feet Tiny Shoes

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Written by Adeline Foo |  Illustrated by Beth Parrocha

Grandma was only 6 years old when she witnessed the planting of a silk cotton seed in a garden. Years later, she returned to bury something in the garden, where ‘X’ marked the spot “seven steps” away from the young tree which had grown in place of the seed. Many, many years later, she was back again, staring in awe at a GIANT of the cotton tree! But try as she might, she couldn’t find ‘X’. Racing against time, she searched hard, desperate to reconnect with memories of a childhood spent in China where she had gone through both pain and joy. Just what was so precious that had been buried? Would she succeed in retracing her steps to find her treasure?

This is the winner of the inaugural AFCC Children's Book Award.