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The Lights That Find Us

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Written by Anittha Thanabalan

Deepavali has never been the same since the terrible mistake Shreya made three years ago. She now dreads the annual celebration, choosing instead to be as uninvolved as possible, until she is visited by three celestial beings who decide to help her right the wrongs.

In Singapore’s answer to A Christmas Carol, Shreya revisits key events in her family’s history and catches a glimpse of their future as well. Seeing things in a new light, she comes to terms with her emotional wounds and learns the importance of keeping herself and her family whole.


"This YA novel is an incredibly necessary addition to the landscape of Singaporean literature. It is beautifully written and has such a message of hope, acceptance, and homecoming. I can only imagine the number of young people whose lives are going to be saved and changed by this book." -  Pooja Nansi, poet and director of the Singapore Writers Festival