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The Last Kids on Earth: June's Wild Flight

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Written by Max Brallier  |  Illustrated by Douglas Holgate

Told from June’s point of view and set between the shattering events of The Midnight Blade and the upcoming book in the series, June’s Wild Flight brings new characters, high-stakes action, and stunning revelations in an adventure that could only be June’s.

The Midnight Blade ended with a shocking twist: a long-missing villain has returned and now has an army of the dead at his command! Jack, June, Quint, and Dirk have battled the worst kind of monsters, zombies, and cosmic servants, but an endless horde of animated skeletons is next-level.

While the kids plan their next move, an unexpected threat emerges and June gets separated from her friends, dragged miles away from Wakefield to a town overgrown with monstrous vines and never-before-seen creatures. Drawing on her post-apocalyptic survival and action skills, June attempts to make her way back home. But not before she uncovers critical information - information that the future of our world may hinge upon...