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The Hungry Ghost

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Written by H.S. Norup

Freja arrives in Singapore during the month of the hungry ghost, when old spirits are said to roam the streets and families must make offerings to appease their ancestors. She’s homesick for her Danish hometown and isn’t sure she fits in with the ‘happy family’ of her father, her step-mother and twin step-brothers.

As Freja tries to settle into her new life, a mysterious girl in a white dress starts to appear to her, seeming to beckon her on. Following this figure, Freja begins to unravel an old family mystery – one that must be solved before the month is over, to allow both girls to be freed from secrets long-buried.

The Hungry Ghost is an adventure story for middle-grade readers, set in the real world with fantasy elements. At its heart is a mystery and a deep love of family—both the living and those we have lost.