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Written and Illustrated by Kelly Canby

Rodney spends most of his days looking up. Imagining, for hours, what a life high among the treetops would be like and how it would feel to be so … tall.

Rodney is a small tortoise with a BIG dream. All he wants is to be larger. Then one day, Rodney’s dream comes true – or does it? It’s all a matter of perspective!


"Kelly Canby has created a beautiful story in a simple, thoughtful way both with her words and pictures. The message is subtle but powerful, perfect for children aged 3 to 5. Rodney will be a welcome addition to any kindergarten or community library and indeed any home collection." - Buzz Words

"The bold illustrations of Rodney, his mates and their forest home bring to life this story with some important messages about not comparing your life to that of others and that happiness can be a matter of adjusting your own mindset." - West Weekend Magazine