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Hallowilloween: Nefarious Silliness from Calef Brown

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Written and Illustrated by Calef Brown

Are you ready for Hallowilloween?

With wolves, witches,
and everything in between?
A human collage! A shrunken head!
An evil Vumpire, not quite dead.
Don't be surprised if the Poltergeyser
materializes before your very eyes.
Witness a scarecrow's fiery demise.
It's all rather creepy,
and about to get creepier
when the Grim Reaper
shows up for supper
with his weird sense of humor.
Is the mummy unhappy?
Is that just a rumor?
Now on display - 
the Portrait of Gory René.
And a tarantula buffet.
The Oompachupa Loompacabra
is stalking its prey in a lonely valley.
Two cats are about to battle
in a dark alley.
So don't lose your way, or dilly-dally.
It's a magic night, a silly, spooky scene.
Welcome, one and all,
to Hallowilloween!