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Grimms' Fairy Tales in Singlish

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Written by the Brothers Grimm
Translated into Singlish by Gwee Li Sui
Illustrated by Nils Graf Stenbock-Fermor

From Back Cover:
The Katak King, or Lao Henry
Hansel and Gretel
The Fisherman and His Sayang
Leeter Red Tudung
The Bremen Local Musicians
The Magic Table, the Keem-Keem Donkey, and the Tongkat in the Sack
Leeter Thorny Rose
Leeter Snow White-White
Heng Hans

From “The Katak King, or Lao Henry”:
Last time when wishing still got power, got a king whose girl-girls all very the chio. But the youngest one was so chio until the sun, which oredi got see so much, was stunned to shine on her face. Near the king’s castle got a big, dark forest. In the forest, under a lao linden tree, got a well. When the day sibeh hot, the king’s anak went out into the forest and sat beside the cool well. When she felt sian, she took a keem-keem bola and threw it up high-high and caught it. The bola was the masak she suka most.