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Friends: A Counting Book

Written by Goh Eck Kheng  |  Illustrated by Moof

As children are ready to learn to count, they are also at the age when they begin to be aware of the differences in the people around them. Boys or girls, dark or light skinned, tall children, lean ones, those who use wheelchairs, the ones who are smaller than themselves, the shy ones, the chubby ones too….

This unique counting book does these two things. It teaches kids numbers and counting from one to twelve through a delightful rhyme. It also gives parents and caregivers the opportunity to talk to them about respecting and connecting with the many people they meet in their daily lives who are different from themselves.

Both ideas are supported by Moof’s lively illustrations that are filled with interesting details that any young child can relate to.

More than this, the book may also be used to play a meaningful spotting game by finding every child illustrated in its pages in the last spread.