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Exploring Southeast Asia with Anita Magsaysay-Ho: One of Them

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Written by Eva Wong Nava and Jeffrey Say  |  Illustrated by Quek Hong Shin

Exploring Southeast Asia with… is a series of narrative non-fiction picture books for young readers. Each book will focus on one national artist, taking readers through the country’s history, the artist’ place within its history, and how art is a reflection of our times. Each book contains critical thinking questions comprising visual thinking strategies (VTS), an enquiry-based method to encourage children to think about the content and formal structure of the artworks.

ANITA MAGSAYSAY-HO is a Filipina artist who was part of a group of artists known as the Thirteen Moderns in the Philippines. She was the only woman in the group. Magsaysay-Ho is a Social Realist painter who documented the life and culture of the Philippines in the early 20th century. Through her art, the story will take readers through the history of the Philippines and how women formed a large part of the labour force. The story invites young readers to examine the life of a female artist, the constraints as well as the liberty of being the only woman in a group of renowned male artists. NAG-IIPON NG DAYAMI (GLEANERS), painted in 1975 is one of Magsaysay-Ho’s works that will enable readers to understand the core tenets of Social Realist art.