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Ella Diaries: Ballet Backflip

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Written by Meredith Costain  |  Illustrated by Danielle McDonald

Ella is resourceful, caring and real, and the writing is sharp and funny. With sprightly doodles, pros and cons lists, and just the right amount of snark, each book is it's own juicy diary.

When Ella's dreams of being the lead in the ballet recital are dashed, she starts to wonder if it might be fun to try something new. But when MEAN QUEEN PEACH takes up gymnastics and executes an AMAZING backflip in the playground, the school is taken over by the new craze. Will Ella backflip on her love of ballet? Can she bear to go along with Peach and her traitorous BFF Zoe? Tune into the secret thoughts in Ella's diary as she uncovers the truth about friendship and trying out new things.