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We are Singaporeans Vol.1

Written by Melanie Lee  |  Illustrated by Lee Xin Li

Choosing to do unconventional work is hard work, especially in a society that values sticking to the norms. In We Are Singaporeans Volume 1, we meet ten people who have gone against the grain with their career paths to achieve success in their respective fields.

They are:
- Anthony Chen, filmmaker
- Cai Yinzhou, tour guide & activist
- Bjorn Low, urban farmer
- Eugenia Ong, medical researcher
- Eunice Olsen, TV presenter, actress, communications trainer
- Joanna Dong, singer, actress and host
- Kim Whye Kee, potter
- Siti Khalijah Zainal, theatre actress
- Shabir Tabare Alam, music composer, singer, songwriter, actor
- Verleen Goh and Alan Phua, foodtech entrepreneurs

In this collection of interviews featuring stunning and evocative illustrations by popular artist Lee Xinli, find out how these remarkable individuals hustle for their work goals, overcome challenges and discouragement, and stay true to their passions and visions.