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The Bookshop Girl

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Written by Sylvia Bishop

Property Jones was abandoned in a bookshop when she was five, but the family that took her in have always treated her as one of their own. When they win the amazing opportunity to take over a huge bookshop in London, they can't wait to move.

But there is something fishy about the transaction: why is the owner so keen to leave his amazing shop, and who is this man demanding millions of pounds? Property Jones might not be able to read, but she's the only one that can see what's really going on.

The Bookshop Girl rather quickly leaves behind the day-to-day duties of bookselling and becomes a crime caper with dastardly villains. The bookshop itself, Montgomery’s Emporium, is a fantastical world of immersive themed rooms that rotate like a giant ferris wheel.

Family stick together throughout, and there’s a real warmth to this story - as well as lots of laughs, courtesy of the cat.