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Asia: Land of Perennial Stories


Edited by Myra Garces-Bascal

Asia: Land of Perennial Stories is an edited collection of essays, based on the highlights of, and key ideas shared during the Asian Festival of Children's Content in 2014, with a regional focus on India. Scholars and practitioners, artists and writers, graphic novelists and picture book makers, editors and publishers share their unique experiences and reflections on the impact of Asian children's literature to global reading and literacy goals.

Contributing authors are literary experts and literary agents including Andrea Pasion-Flores (Philippines), Fatima Sharafeddine (Lebanon), Mariko Nagai (Japan), John McKenzie (Australia), Linn Shekinah (Singapore), Manasi Subramaniam (India), Navin Menon (India), Atanu Roy (India), Nina Sabnani (India) and Sampurna Chattarji (India).