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An Attitude of Gratitude


Written by Tan-Soh Wai Lan

Thankful for all the blessings – large and little – that have brought her to this point in her life, Wai Lan was moved to share her personal journey in a book that’s been more than a decade in the making.

She has always seemed destined for a life in education, from when she was a mere five, playing make-believe teacher to her dolls and stuffed toy ‘students’. She is a prodigious storyteller, and this book is an account of her formative years and beyond and the events and life experiences that have shaped her as a student, scholar, teacher, mother and school leader.

Beyond being a memoir of her days in school as a top student to being on the other side of the table – as an educator of distinction and the youngest principal in 2002 to her current role as NAFA president – each chapter provides an insight into how personal accountability and a spirit of gratitude have helped her become the person she is today. A must-read for any parent, and anyone who is preparing for a career in education or eager to make a difference in the complex world we live in.