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Amma, Tell Me About Hanuman's Adventures in Lanka! Part 3 in the Hanuman Trilogy


Written by Bhakti Mathur |  Illustrated by Maulshree Somani

Here’s the story of how Hanuman reached
A golden city in search of Sita, lady of his liege.
How he faced off with the mighty Ravana
And held his capital Lanka to a fiery siege.

See how he uprooted an entire hill:
Flew like the wind to save Lakshmana from death:
How Rama’s loyal devotee showed us
What lies in his heart, the reason for his breath.

This is one of ten books in the Amma, Tell Me series. Author Bhakti Mathur decided to write the series when she found it difficult to buy children’s books about Hindu mythology to read with her own children. These are great books to buy for parents living away from India who want to relay stories about Ganesha to their children and also for parents of children who are passionate about world religion and mythology.