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90 Packets of Instant Noodles


Written by Deb Fitzpatrick

Joel and Craggs are in it together. They drink booze together, they flirt with petty theft together and, when Craggs turns violent, they face the consequences together too. That’s until Joel’s dad makes a deal with the police. Craggs is off to juvenile detention and Joel to solitary confinement.

Ninety days of fending for himself in a remote bush shack with no radio, telephone or fridge. Miles from anywhere, Joel starts to like his own company, till one day the past tracks him down. Craggs is on his doorstep and he hasn’t changed a bit.


"Loyalty is the theme of this excellent first novel, which delicately treads the minefield of adolescence gone wrong. Deb Fitzpatrick skilfully renders the ripple effect when a 15-year-old gets into the wrong company and enjoys it … it is, more importantly, freighted with fine writing and insights into human nature." - Weekend Australian