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The Night of Legends

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Written by Leslie W

Keix wakes up in an underground prison-weak, emaciated, and battling partial memory loss. Her rescuers and long-time friends, Zej and Pod, tell her she’s been put in a coma for two years. Her captor: Atros, the organization she had joined as a trainee soldier since she was fourteen. Keix doesn’t want to believe them but the evidence just keeps stacking up. Vile beasts called Odats, engaged by Atros as mercenaries, attack her as she makes her escape from the prison. And she finds out that Atros is also keeping her best friend Vin locked up.

Keix’s ancestry (her father is a Kulcan, a fierce race of warriors) helps her regain her lost memories and strength quickly under her friends’ care. Soon, she gets handed proof that Atros is building a ghost army-the very enemies the organization has been tasked to protect the people from. To make matters even more complicated, Ifarls, a race with mysterious magical powers, try to influence her to attempt a dangerous mission to break Vin out. They also tell Keix they want to close the portal between the living and the dead, to end decades of misery that the underworld has brought.

Swept into the undercurrents of distrust and differing agendas between the races, will Keix, who considers herself as an outsider because of her mixed bloodline, be able to walk her own path?