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The Ghost With Dirty Feet

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Written by Sharon Ismail  |  Illustrated by Khairudin Saharom

The runt of the litter is always the first one to be given away. Everyone knew that, thought Ali. So when the family fell on hard times, Ali was naturally worried. After all, that was how he ended up in this family, with his adoptive parents and siblings. 

But Ali was a little boy with a plan. His aim - to win three months' supply of rice for his family by catching The King who lived in the kampong's rivers. He thought if he could pull his weight in the family, then he would be safe.

Ali's story is about finding his place in a family who had "chosen" their children from other families. And that whatever happens, families stick together. 

The Ghost with Dirty Feet is the sequel to What Sallamah Didn't Know, which was adopted by Singapore's Ministry of Education as a Primary 6 English text under the STELLAR syllabus. It has since been translated into Malay, Chinese and Tamil.