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Di Di Comes Home 弟弟回家了

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Written by Chew Lee Ching 周丽青

Many parents have observed that the first born child often displays feelings of anxiety and jealousy when the new sibling arrives. The feelings displayed include tantrums, an unloving attitude towards the new baby, refusing to finish their favourite food and refusing to use the potty even though the child is potty trained.

The younger the child, the more pronounced the anxiety displayed as the new baby is seen as a competitor for the parents’ attention and affection.

DiDi Comes Home captures these feelings experienced by a little boy called Ethan and shows how his mommy helps him to understand, adjust and love his little brother. The story is simply told, colourfully illustrated and easy to read to the little ones.

DiDi Comes Home is the first in the “Growing Up With Ethan” series of books that capture significant milestones in a child’s life. It is all about very relatable experiences that a child goes through. So do look out for this book and others to come in the series. Enjoy!