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Amazing Ash & Superhero Ah Ma #2: Coming of Age


Written by Melanie Lee  |  Illustrated by Arif Rafhan

The adventures of Amazing Ash & Superhero Ah Ma continue! As Team ASH grows in number, Ash juggles being a responsible superhero, a supportive grandchild, and a kind friend. Meanwhile, is Ah Ma’s dementia getting worse? How will the team cope with a new nemesis and the strange developments happening in town? Join Ash, Ah Ma, and the rest of Team ASH as they try to save the neighbourhood and, at the same time, face the changes that come with growing up and growing old.

Why read this book?
• Heartwarming story about the special relationship between a girl and her grandmother.
• This book gently introduces young readers to ageing and dementia in a compelling superhero story.
• Full-colour graphic novel set in Southeast Asia, by creators from Southeast Asia.

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