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Prophecy of the Underworld


Written by Low Ying Ping

When the prophesied hero dies one day before the world needs saving, 13-year-old Julian Kee is randomly chosen as a last-minute replacement. With absolutely no world-saving skills whatsoever, he must nonetheless lead his friends into the Underworld to retrieve a magical rock that can save their world.

The problem is that the ruling council of the Underworld objects to their quest, and the rock can only be obtained by passing through a series of terrible trials, including navigating an unsolvable maze, enduring unspeakable tortures in the dungeons of the council’s citadel, and facing a really cute bunny. And is the Underworlder who cheerfully volunteers to risk her life to help them simply a girl with a very kind, selfless heart, or is she really a spy for the council?

A fast-paced adventure filled with lots of exciting twists and turns, this hilarious spoof of adventure/hero stories will be enjoyed by both the young and the not-so-young!