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Namaste Series

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A note from the series editor

We believe that inspiration is boundless. In a globalized world, inspiring stories should flow freely across countries and cultures. The flow has been predominantly from the West to the East, in the form of literature, films and TV shows. Few stories of the East, that tell modern tales of great achievements in grave adversity while capturing lives, values, challenges and aspirations of other cultures reach all audiences.

This one-way traffic presents us with a three-fold challenge. One, many readers are finding it difficult to identify with heroes. Two, we are all missing out on amazing stories that can inspire us. Three, we are not internalising diversity, while being surrounded by it.

In the Namaste! Series™ we feature contemporary social catalysts. They come from different cultures, religions and traditions. These are personalities who have made our world a better place. To make their journeys understandable, we have placed relevant contextual nuggets, maps and timelines throughout the books. We have attempted to keep the language accessible yet engaging for readers across age groups and regions. Illustrations are suggestive and not limiting. These help the reader build in their minds, a vivid storyboard of their own and encourage them to find out more about these heroes.

When we decided on the layout for this series the most important criteria was that it should be soothing to the eyes and the mind.

We hope that our books will reach many homes, schools and libraries. For each book sold we will gift a copy to a rural school in India. With your help we will bring the joy of books and reading to many more people. If you find inspiration and motivation in any of these ‘true’ stories, we have met our objective. We believe inspiration is infectious. If you are inspired, you will inspire many more.

The Namaste series can be purchased at:

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