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CatStronauts: Space Station Situation


Written and Illustrated by Drew Brockington

The CatStronauts, an elite group of cat astronauts, are back in the third book in the graphic novel chapter book series, this time working from the international space station for their most harrowing adventure yet!

When chief science officer Pom Pom rejoins the CatStronauts on the International Space Station, she has to get to work right away - the Hubba Bubba Telescope isn't working, and CATSUP is losing funding by the day!

But as the CatStronauts and Mission Control race to find answers, the unthinkable happens and pilot Waffles is forced to orbit the Earth in nothing but his space suit while the rest of the team comes up with a rescue plan. Even though he's no scaredy cat, Waffles is going to have a hard time staying out in space. When disaster on a global scale rears its head, will a fractured CatStronauts team be enough to save the day?