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CatStronauts: Robot Rescue


Written and Illustrated by Drew Brockington

The CatStronauts, an elite group of cat astronauts, are back in the fourth book in the full-colour graphic novel chapter book series, this time working without Mission Control to rescue their friend Cat-Stro-Bot from Europa, Jupiter's frozen moon!

Cat-Stro-Bot has been with the CatStronauts through it all. He's saved the team as a stowaway on their mission to the moon, brought the team back from a crash on Mars, and co-piloted the crucial shuttle in the dreaded space station situation.

But now Cat-Stro-Bot is stranded on Jupiter's coldest moon after a mission gone wrong - and his best friend/creator Blanket isn't about to leave him behind. When CATSUP brass declines a rescue mission request, Blanket creates robot stand-ins for the team. Soon, the rest of the CatStronauts, Major Meowser, Pom Pom and Waffles, are off on their longest journey ever with experimental new technology. The robot rescue is afoot!