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A Book of Hugs: Stories to Keep You Company


This book is for you.

45 authors and illustrators have come together to make a book to keep you company, always.

In A Book of Hugs, you will find stories of dragons, neon sharks, dancing monsters, spiders, and bananas.

You can take comfort in letters of love, savour recipes, and go on slightly-true adventures with some awesomely brave characters.

Or perhaps you will paint your world with poems and have a big (or quiet) laugh with comics starring tigers, forts, a humpback whale, and a lonely snowman.

Lovingly filled with short stories, poems, and artful pictures, this anthology hopes to give you a great big hug just before you take on the world.

All profits from the sale of this book will go to Child at St 11 and Superhero Me - two organisations that work to support and empower children of all abilities through art and education.

Alice Bianchi-Clark | Barbara Moxham | Ben Lai | Chan Wai Han | Colin Goh | Darel Seow | Darius Cheong | David Liew | Denise Tan | Elieth Sardinas | Emily Lim-Leh | Evelyn Sue Wong | Felicia Low-Jimenez | Fleur Vella-Chang | Hwee Goh | James Lim | Josef Lee | Josephine Chia | Katherine Wallace | Katie Van Camp | Leila Boukarim | Lianne Ong | Melanie Lee | Melissa Tan | Moniza Hossain | Moses Sia | Namita Moolani Mehra | Nani | Nurulhuda Izyan | Ovidia Yu | Patrick Ng | Patrick Yee | Paula Pang | Pauline Loh | Pippa Chorley | Quek Hong Shin | Rosemarie Somaiah | Sarah Ang | Si-Hoe S. S. | Simon Wray | Srividhya Venkat | Tammar Stein | Tan Si Qi | Tina Jimin Walton | Zahira Mohamed Sedik

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