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超人妈妈和她的娘惹糕 Super Mama and Her Amazing Nonya Cake


Written by Ace Khong 小邝

我有一个非常能干的”超人妈妈“。妈妈不但把家里打理得井井有条,还煮得一 手好菜。那天,我没有征得妈妈的同意,就答应了学校老师的邀请,报名参加 一个制作本地糕点的烹饪比赛。因为我觉得妈妈没有做不出的菜。可是后来我 才知道,妈妈在年轻时,有过一次制作娘惹糕的失败经验,让她再也没有勇气 尝试制作糕点.

I have a very capable mum who not only takes good care of us, but is also a good cook. When I registered her for a cooking competition in school without her consent, I discovered that she had once failed at making local pastries.