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Mother's Guide to the Meaning of Life


Written by Amy Krouse Rosenthal

"Mother" may be the most under-appreciated job title of all time, as any woman who has raised children can confirm. Amy Krouse Rosenthal, proud mother of three, can certainly attest to that fact, which is why she has chosen to compile a "scrapbook" of the kinds of things any disheartened or overwhelmed mother needs to hear. She provides encouragement for women who want to start families but are afraid to, and support for women who already have families and sometimes wish they'd never started.

With Rosenthal’s signature humour mixed with plenty of wisdom and a good dose of reassurance, she reminds mums that it’s ok if their kids don’t like them all the time, that every mum fantasises about running away, and that mums should take joy in the things they can do better than their kids can—important things, like drawing a piece of toast. Mums will laugh out loud at Rosenthal’s descriptions of chaotic, exhausting, hilarious scenes all moms know too well, and ultimately feel the warmth, joy, and purpose that makes mothering the rewarding job it is.

The handy format makes this book perfect for picking up between warming bottle fluid, doing laundry, and putting away toys. Rosenthal’s advice will ring true to mothers (and mothers-to-be) of all ages.